(this page is avaible in italian and english only) Hard Metal Grinding Lapping Machine WITH A GULP GRINDER YOU CAN GRIND AND LAP FLAT LAID CARBIDE (HM) TOOLS MANY AND MANY TIMES!!

  • Lapping can increase the productivity of shaped knives up to 30%
  • Thanks to a powerful permanent magnet, you can easily position the tools on the table to be ground on the front side: no brackets or other special supports are needed.
  • The down feed of the grinding wheel is automatic and adjuastable from a minimum of mm 0,005 to a maximum of mm 0,05 for passage.
  • The grinding heads progresses slowly and the grinding wheels is supported by an effective cooling system.

EASY TO USE: A fully automatic machine born for grinding and lapping carbide: HM PROFESSIONAL: Micrometric descent of the grinding wheel. Lapped surface roughness: 0.01 µ LITTLE BUT GREAT: It can be placed anywhere. Built with quality precision materials. PRODUCTIVE: It can solve little and big problems dealing with grinding and lapping. SAFE: Low-voltage controls in compliance with EC standards CLEAN AND COMPLETE: Stainless steel: completely clean and unaltered through the time. It mounts diamond wheels of different grains for different work requirements. (FLAT) GRINDING AND RE-GRINDING By means of medium-grain diamond wheels, it removes important quantities of material by rapidly restoring the cutting edge and stopping when the planned dimensional tolerances are reached. Tolerance 0,01 mm Roughness 0,10 µ LAPPING AND (MIRROR) POLISHING Thanks to very fine grain (micrograin) diamond wheels it caresses the hard metal surface until reaching a mirror polishing. Roughness 0,05 µ